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We build and execute effective digital marketing strategies for construction companies.

Digital Marketing Services for Construction Companies

We know how competitive the construction industry is, along with the importance of an effective digital marketing strategy. Our team of SEO specialists focus on generating relevant web traffic to websites that convert. In an industry where a contract can be worth millions, failure is not an option.

We serve as a high-power digital marketing agency for companies in the construction industry looking to increase web conversions and generate leads.

Digital Marketing Services for Construction Companies

When a lead can mean high-value construction contract, we know the value marketing plays in acquiring web traffic. By using carefully selected marketing channels, we keep campaigns relevant and users highly targeted.

As experts in digital marketing, we find optimal ways to build online exposure that result in increased traffic and more leads.

Marketing in the Construction Industry

Generate Traffic

We improve brand awareness with the aim of being both engaging and memorable. Our creative team brings the brand to life, ensuring consistent design across all media channels.

Increase Leads

We keep things relevant, finding the best ways to connect with patients through a variety of different digital channels. By understanding trends and motivating factors, our strategies are always up-to-date and focused.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

High traffic numbers means nothing if visitors are not enquiring. Ongoing optimisation is at the heart of high online conversion rates. We know how to increase conversions on healthcare websites by keeping what works, and removing what doesn’t.

Construction Company Marketing FAQ

How do you promote a construction company online?

The construction industry is extremely competitive, and construction-related searches are low in volume when compared to other industries. This makes marketing even more important as it needs to be highly targeted with a well-planned strategy. Choosing the right channels for marketing is imperative to generating relevant traffic to your website. Social media marketing is a great way to increase exposure, and LinkedIn is a great way to connect directly to key decision makers. Directory listings and local SEO also play an extremely important role in the overall Search Engine Optimisation strategy, along with supplementary Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns which can be turned on and off when required.

What is a construction marketing strategy?

A construction company strategy is a plan consisting of short, medium and long-term goals and objectives. These are linked to overall business objectives that are clearly defined at the outset. A marketing strategy should be made up of goals that are SMART:

– Specific
– Measurable
– Achievable
– Relevant
– Time bound

In addition to this, a marketing strategy should also consist of the different marketing channels that will be used. This will give your business more exposure to the market. Always select platforms that will benefit your marketing campaign and strategy. If you’re looking to generate leads that convert, then Google and Bing Ads would be a great channel to use.

How to measure a successful construction industry marketing campaign

A successful construction company marketing campaign is determined by how many goals and objectives were met. By using tracking tools and software, data can be acquired to confirm the results and calculate the RoI. A successful marketing campaign can have higher amounts of traffic, more leads, bookings and enquiries or even signups. The business should always benefit from a successful campaign. If not, then the strategy was not created with the business objectives in mind.

How do construction companies get clients online?

Companies market themselves in different ways on different platforms to achieve the greatest exposure to their market. Directory listings are a great way to build citations and links to a website, but much more work is needed if you are to gain and advantage over competitors. By marketing on social media platforms, construction companies can drive relevant traffic to their website. Exposure on other websites relevant to the industry is another great way to get traffic coming to your website.
In a low volume/highly competitive industry, SEO and PPC advertising are some of the best ways to drive users to your website. An accurate PPC campaign will drive relevant traffic to your website who have high search intent, while organic SEO can give you a strong foothold on search engines.

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