Trends and Opportunities

Technology is always changing, creating new trends and opening doors to exciting opportunities. We scout for trends by keeping our eyes on the digital world and seize opportunities that present themselves.

We Are Insightful

Anyone can read and present data, but it takes true knowledge and understanding to be insightful. Regurgitating information wastes time and doesn’t lead to anything. We peel off the layers and look at data on a much deeper level to better understand what’s going on.

We Are Thorough

Getting information from a single source leads to confined, one-sided, and sometimes biased data. Using a variety of tools and resources to gain the information we need, we paint a very detailed, honest picture of what’s happening and how we should act.

The adage goes: “If you snooze, you lose”. At blob, we are always awake, and always winning.

We Seize Opportunities

Whenever we pick up on a client-relevant opportunity, we go into “action mode”. Acting on a digital trend as it’s happening (or before) means always being at the forefront of innovation and ahead of the competition.

Sharing is Caring

With our “feelers” everywhere, if we pick up on something that’s relevant to our clients, we share. Our aim is to never sit on golden nuggets of information, but rather share it with our clients so that we all prosper.

Services Related to Digital Trends and Opportunities

Trouble Finding “Hidden Gems”? We Know Where To Look.

Stop wasting your time looking in the wrong places. We know where to look. Let’s uncover things together.

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