How To Get Your Business Ready For The COVID-19 Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit businesses hard, forcing them to re-evaluate the ways in which they do business. Many organisations had to scramble to get their IT infrastructure and employees adapted to working remotely from home. Other businesses have come to see the value of doing business online with eCommerce functionality added to their websites.

We have been helping our clients through this tough time by giving guidance on how we can identify and seize digital opportunities. Our goal is to work hand in hand with our clients to find digital solutions to any problem, no matter the size. These conversations have given us insight into what businesses need to focus on during this pandemic, inspiring us to share what we feel businesses should be focusing on.

Find New and Alternative Ways to Help Clients and Customers

Business owners, marketing managers and executives primarily tend to keep their focus on growth and retention strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic. While this is extremely important, we suggest adding another focal point that focuses on what customers could possible require when life returns to a new “normal”.

By focusing on customers, we give care and attention to what their needs are, and in turn, gaining a new found respect for how we do business. Remember, businesses and individuals would have been under imense stress during the outbreak and have different problems, each unique in their own way. Some clients may have short-term cash flow problems, bringing the need for flexible financing. Other customers may feel that their finances have suffered, and masy look for cheaper alternatives for the short-term while they recover from an erratic few months.

By getting to know our clients, we have found ways to help with workflow process automation, with the aim of increasing efficiency and productivity. This in turn can help them bring costs down, makeing their products and services more cost effective so as to retain existing clients, and gain new ones.

This approach will gain respect for your organisation by demonstrating the willingness to improve and enhance the lives of customers and clients. Think out the box and be genuine in your approach!

Begin Planning Your Campaigns Now

Many of us are working from home, so we have the one thing on our side: time. Couple that with the vast amount of information available on the internet, and there is no excuse to plan campaigns well in advance. By planning ahead, strategies can be subject to tweaks and changes over the course of a few weeks or months. Chances are that your competitors are doing the same thing, looking for that competitive edge. We work with our clients to dig deep and find golden opportunities that can make a campaign successful.

In the previous point, we considered ways to add value by finding ways to help customers when life goes back to a new normal. If suitable ideas are found, campaigns can be devised around new offerings, giving you the chance to really scream and shout about them. Don’t wait until it’s too late; start planning now and have things ready as early as possible.

Get Ready to Adapt to a “New Normal”

As the world slowly emerges from the Coronavirus pandemic, “business as usual” will be a thing of the past. Many organisations have already sadly closed down, with millions of people made jobless. The ways in which business is done has been and will continue to be changed forever. While nobody can accurately predict what the future holds in store for us, preparations can already be undertaken by thinking about what things could look like. We encourage our clients to look at alternative ways of doing business in a post-Covid world. This might mean re-evaluating existing processes and systems that could be optimised to work better.

Transform Yourself Digitally

Digital transformation is a term that many businesses wished they knew about before the COVID-19 pandemic. Organisations found comfort in the old ways of working, using manual processes that were slow and inefficient. While these systems and processes may work, the current pandemic has taught us that things can change very quickly. Employers have had to scramble to get online systems for their staff to work from home (those lucky enough to be able to), and many others have had to close shop due as a result of not having a digital presence online.

Think about ways to digitise your company and find systems that suit your business needs. If you have a requirement, there is almost always a system out there. Custom-built systems are also possible, but can increase costs to your business; something you may not want to invest in considering the current economic uncertainty. But saying this, it’s possible to shop around and get some ideas of costs before making a decision on the route you want to go.

Technology has come to the aid of millions of businesses around the world, and as a digital agency, we encourage the use of tech to enhance business operations.

We understand that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused tremendous heartache for people around the world, and our aim to to help businesses and individuals stay optimistic about the future.

As a digital agency with our client’s interests at heart, we always endeavour to find ways where we can help improve their business. If you would like to discuss ways in which you can better prepare your business for the COVID-19 recovery, then please feel free to contact us.