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We use data and insights to create digital marketing strategies for healthcare organisations.

Digital Marketing Services for Medical and Healthcare Websites

Our team understands the healthcare industry and how a successful digital marketing strategy can increase web traffic and conversions on medical websites. We focus on steady growth that generates relevant leads to increase business revenue.

We are a highly experienced healthcare marketing agency with a proven track record in the medical and healthcare industry.

Digital Marketing Services for Healthcare Organisations

We create and execute digital marketing strategies to build brand awareness, attract patients and increase revenue. By focusing on what really matters, our marketing and advertising strategies are relevant, focused and highly effective.

Through our lead generation and conversion strategies, we connect patients with healthcare organisations. Using tried-and-trusted conversion techniques, we increase bookings, phone enquiries and consultations on healthcare websites.

Successful Healthcare Marketing

Improve Brand Awareness

We improve brand awareness with the aim of being both engaging and memorable. Our creative team brings the brand to life, ensuring consistent design across all media channels.

Target the Right People

We keep things relevant, finding the best ways to connect with patients through a variety of different digital channels. By understanding trends and motivating factors, our strategies are always up-to-date and focused.

Increase Conversions

High traffic numbers means nothing if visitors are not enquiring. Ongoing optimisation is at the heart of high online conversion rates. We know how to increase conversions on healthcare websites by keeping what works, and removing what doesn’t.

Healthcare Marketing FAQ

Why is healthcare marketing important?

Healthcare marketing is important because it increases brand awareness to potential patients. A better online presence will result in higher web traffic that will ultimately result in more enquiries and bookings. If marketing isn’t utilised correctly, it can be a tremendous waste of time and money. Finding the most relevant marketing channels will mean better market exposure, increased traffic and ultimately more leads and revenue.

How do you market a healthcare website?

Marketing a website takes many different shapes and forms, but they always start with a digital marketing strategy. You need a roadmap with milestones, objectives and goals to ensure the right path is followed. SEO is extremely important for increasing brand awareness and increasing traffic to your website. Social media marketing is also a great avenue to reach even more users online. Paid advertising using Bing Ads and Google Ads can also be great for highly targeted marketing campaigns. Increased traffic is only half the battle won. You will also need to focus on website optimisation for lead generation and conversions. Through conversion and goal tracking, the entire user journey can be tracked, allowing further optimisation both on the website and marketing channels.

What is a healthcare marketing strategy?

A healthcare marketing strategy is a roadmap of objectives, goals, milestones and channels that is focused on bringing in more patients to the clinic. A full digital marketing strategy can be comprised of SEO, PPC, Social media marketing and website optimisation. Strategies should always focus on what the user needs, and how to gain and improve advantages over competitors by understanding habits and trends.

What makes a healthcare marketing campaign successful?

A successful campaign is defined as being one that achieves the objectives and goals that are set out. These need to tie into overall business goals that are clearly defined. Marketing is about promotion, and promotion can lead to a variety of different outcomes. Some successful marketing campaigns aimed for higher sales of a production, others are just out to generate enquiries and leads. A marketing campaign needs to know who is being targeted, what needs to be said, and how the target audience need to respond.

How can I increase conversions on a healthcare website?

High conversions means more enquiries and more bookings. Focus on placing the right messages and links in the best possible places for optimal user engagement. Strong calls to action, powerful messaging and a fast website all play an important role in better conversion rates.

Should I use a healthcare marketing agency?

You certainly should if you feel you could do more when it comes to marketing. If you are suffering from low traffic, poor web conversions and leads, there are many marketing agencies that can help you achieve great results in a cost-effective way. Marketing agencies have the right experience and knowledge on how to create successful marketing strategies that increase business revenue. Find the right digital agency that suits your needs, and has your interests at heart. A marketing agency should be a partner that strives for the digital success of your business.

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